• Ricky Longshaw

"Is what I'm doing right now leading me where I want to go"​

I had a small rant today on Instagram that has been sitting with me for a while, I had a friend the other day tell me "yeah but it's my best friend, I just hate how she pressures me etc etc." I was dumbfounded as to how people can dislike an aspect of their friend that is so negative and they still go ahead and keep them around..

Then I thought about it and I begun to understand how we collect things; we collect people, experiences, scars, trauma and possessions and from there I started thinking about what collecting bad things does for our mental health the hard part is that generally you don't realise what we have achieved until we look back. With this in mind, I personally have collected a bunch of things that have at the time been really hard to deal with, admittedly not just for myself but others, but, now they are all little blips on the timeline that have stemmed a bunch of building blocks, blocks that have removed Judgement and replaced it with Empathy, for these experiences I am now grateful.

The statement above came to me as I got up for work at stupid A.M. and wondered why I was doing this, why I was wasting my time, and in that mindset I had to stop and correct, I am not wasting my time, by investing in these thoughts and these ideas, I allow myself the growth and development of ideas for others and implement them into my own life, my job allows me time off to plan and learn so it will suffice for a while longer, Not everything we consider bad is bad for us.

My challenge on Instagram and will be the same here, Commit to removing one thing from your life that doesnt serve the purpose or direction you are heading and replace it with one thing that you really enjoy, a walk on the beach, an art class or even just some alone time Journalling.

Your Soul will thank you for it.


*note your soul may or may not be represented as Dwight*

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